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Brighton based band The Speak, are known for delivering an energetic set you won’t forget!

Founded in 2012 by singer-songwriter & producer Nick Endacott-Gibb, son of Bee Gee, Maurice Gibb, The band take their name from London's prestigious late night music club 'The Speakeasy' often referred to as 'The Speak'.


They have years of experience honing their art in the recording studio and while gigging with Dodgy, Dreadzone, Chris Difford, Peter Hook and the Light and The Christians.

The Speak are heavily inspired by 60’s & 90’s power pop rock, creating a unique hybrid sound, melodic, memorable songs, with well crafted vocal harmonies, clearly highlighting Nick’s musical heritage

Producing a high-quality show, the band performs originals and covers using state of the art performance technology which is rarely seen on today’s live circuit.



'I first became aware of The Speak when my friend, colleague, songwriter and fellow music producer, David Courtney (Leo Sayer, Roger Daltrey, et al), introduced me to them. David's not a man who is impressed by bands easily, so I knew they'd have to be something special when he insisted I go to see them perform.

They seemed to effortlessly mix a blend of bygone classic rock styles, yet make it sound totally fresh and very twenty-first century. Performed expertly with real impact and a dynamic professionalism most new bands lack, these guys simply sound superb, with great songs to boot. If there's any justice, they should do great things!'

Paul Mex - Music Producer, Pop Culturist & Agent Provocateur. Brighton, UK.

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